List of Projects

Property/Building Forensic Projects:

Water/Storm/Pipe Breaks
Construction Defects

Architecture & Engineering Projects:

Office Buildings & Commercial
Health Care
Single-family residential
Multi-family residential
Mixed Use
The following outlines various projects for which the firm has been responsible in which principal Charles T. Flannery A.I.A. has participated in the practice of architecture and coordination of engineering:

• Plaza Lynda - Three, 2 story 11,000 square foot of office buildings.
Location: Gentrytown Drive & Buchanan Road, Antioch, CA.
• Alteration - Third and forth floor and facade of Medical/Dental Building
200l Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA.
• Conversion to office building Three story wood/brick frame (Seismic included -l6,800 sq. ft.)
3280 Mission St., San Francisco
• Computer Operations Facility: Fritzi of California
199 -1st St., San Francisco, CA.
• Rehabilitation of Retail Store, 3 Story Building - Seismic Retrofit
2288 Union Street, San Francisco, CA.
• Peninsula Medical Building: Alterations
1515 Trusdale Ave., Burlingame, Ca.
• Convention Facility: Bay Area Assembly Hall 24,000 sq. ft., tilt-up concrete and give-laminated construction
43400 Osgood Rd., Fremont, CA., (Member of design team)

• Sassar Office Building
11th & E. Streets, Tracy, CA. (Joint venture with H.C. Sanchez)
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Public Assembly Buildings:
Over 75 public assembly buildings some of which are listed below:
• Golden Gate Park Congregation
2500 Fulton Street
San Francisco, CA
• Central Congregation
501 Fulton Street
San Francisco, CA
• Southeast Congregation
7700 Elsie Avenue
Sacramento, CA.
• Portola Congregation
220 Campbell Street
San Francisco, CA
• Fruitvale Congregation, CA.
4045 Lyon Street
Oakland, CA.
• Burlingame Congregation (Rehab)
Trusdale Avenue
• Cloverdale Congregation
Cloverdale, CA • Oxnard Congregation
Oxnard, CA
• Sebastopol Congregation
Sebastopol, CA • Mission Congregation
1342 Alabama Street
San Francisco, CA
• Forestville Congregation
Forestville, CA.
• Hollenbeck Congregation, Earthquake Replacement
Los Angeles, CA
• San Andres Congregation
San Andreas, CA • Audberry Congregation
Audberry, CA
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• Intermediate Care Facility, Planning only
2277 Washington Ave. Oakland, CA.
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• Comfort Suites, South San Francisco
Alterations for rehabilitation
• Holiday Inn, Los Angeles Airport
Rehabilitation Alterations
• Holiday Inn, Long Beach Airport
Rehabilitation Alterations
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• La Traviata
2854 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA. (Alterations)
• Bay Area Assembly Hall (400 Seat Cafeteria)
43400 Osgood Road, Fremont, CA
• Sandwich Shop
2l40 Polk St., San Francisco, CA
• Mr. Submarine (Sandwich Shop - Structural Design)
635 Clay Street, San Francisco, CA.
• Olive Oils Restaurant (Structural Design) Pier 50
San Francisco, CA.
• Greek Restaurant
Oakland, CA

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• Consultant of S.K. Noravian & Associates for Bayside Racquet Club, San Carlos, California
(Conversion of White Front Store)
• Jack Murphy – Qual Com Stadium: Alterations for Field Maintenance Facility
Home of the San Diego Padres and the San Diego Chargers.
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Flannery Group has provided hundreds of designs and construction documents for residential buildings ranging from Victorians to Contemporary Houses, including new homes, damage assessments and investigations, restorations, repairs, alterations, additions, seismic retrofits, and similar professional services:
Custom Homes:
• The Pritikin Mansion, residence (indoor swimming pool) Appraised value: $2.500,000
49 Chenery Street, San Francisco, CA.
• Grossman residence, Appraised value: $950,000
11 Robbins Place, Alamo, CA.
• Femenia residence, Appraised value: $950,000
44 Valley Road, Mill Valley, CA.
• Estados de la Iglesia - Subdivision: 17 homes Location: Shaddick Drive, Windsor Drive and Iglesia Court, Antioch, California

Victorian Era Dwellings (Circa 1860 to 1920):
• 90 Fair Oaks Street, San Francisco
• 2256 Pine Street, San Francisco
• 4811 Brochton Avenue, Riverside, CA
• 430 Central Street, San Francisco, CA
• 865 Masonic Avenue, San Francisco, CA
• 3445 Brodrick Street, San Francisco, CA
• 1628 Fell Street, San Francisco, CA
• 3280 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA
• 1952 Union Street, San Francisco, CA
• 3676 Clay Street, San Francisco, CA
• 418 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA
• 2690 Folsom Street, San Francisco
• 2515 23rd Street, San Francisco, CA
• 2528 Broadway Street, San Francisco, CA
• 2854 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA
• 4039 25th Street, San Francisco, CA
• 2119 California Street, San Francisco, CA
• 1420 Guerrero Street, San Francisco, CA
• 43 Chenery Street, San Francisco, CA
• 134 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA
• 3247 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA
9 Audubon Place, New Orleans, LA 70118, circa: 1890; Fire Loss $2.5 million

Single Family Dwellings:
• Hundreds of alterations and seismic retrofits on single and multifamily homes
• Dozens of majors additions to three and four story buildings, including structural and architecture.
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• Marina Apartments - 22 units, Monterey, California

• 8 unit apartment building: Mrs. Jesse Abrams, Owner
140l-l405 Eddy Street, San Francisco, CA
• 3 unit apartment building: Eamon Murphy & Joe O'Donahue, President of San Francisco Residential Builders Association
1644 Fulton Street, San Francisco, CA
• 3 Unit Apartment Building (2 rental units, one 3,000 square ft. + custom apartment)
Shing Kit & Julie Lee, Owners
326 - 2nd Avenue, San Francisco, CA
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Mixed Use:
Mixed commercial & residential complex Neil Hildebrand, Owner
1517 Palmetto Plaza, Pacifica, CA
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Property/Building Forensic Projects:

• Daily News of Los Angeles, Owner: Jack Kent Cook, Tower Media, Inc. , James Lacher, Executive Vice-President
182,000 sq. ft., newspaper editorial offices, Earthquake Repair and Retrofit: Construction cost: $2,200,000
21200 Oxnard Street, Woodland Hills, CA
• Warner Wood Condominiums: 102 Units, 23 Three Story buildings. Earthquake Repair and Retrofit: Construction cost: $10,000,000
21931 Burbank Blvd., Woodland Hills, CA
• Ports of Call Condominiums, 65 Units, 4 Stories. Earthquake Repair and Retrofit:
Construction cost: $ 6,3000,000
5400 Lindley Street, Encino, CA
• Lindbrook Condominiums: 63 Units, 8 three story buildings. Earthquake Repair and Retrofit:
Construction cost: $4,500,000
5400 Lindley Street, Encino, CA
• Lindbrook Condominiums: 65 Units, 1 four story buildings. Earthquake Repair and Retrofit:
Construction cost: $6,500,000
5400 Lindley Street, Encino, CA
• Biltmore Hotel
735 Taylor Street, San Francisco, CA.
• Commodore Hotel
825 Sutter, San Francisco, CA.
• Various commercial and residential projects
• West Hills Condominiums: earthquake loss: $23,000,000
• Rancho Los Charcos Condominiums: earthquake loss $6,500,000
• Lindley Townhomes Condominiums: earthquake loss $4,500,000
• Tarzana Falls Condominiums: earthquake loss $5,300,000
• Soledad Condominiums: earthquake loss $1,200,000
• Warner Village Condominiums: earthquake loss $14,000,000
• Vista Terrace Condominiums: earthquake loss $4,400,000
• Lakeshore Townhomes Condominiums: earthquake loss $1,600,000
• Sherman Way Townhomes Condominiums: earthquake loss $3,750,000
• Hidden Valley Complex Condominiums: earthquake loss $2,3000,000
• Morningside Condominiums: earthquake loss $3,600,000
• Granada Ridge Condominiums: earthquake loss $3,300,000
• O’Sullivan Apartments: earthquake loss $1,100,000
• Warner Club Villas Condominiums: earthquake loss $4,600,000
• Boyle Heights Kingdom Hall: earthquake loss $210,000

• Woodland Hills Assembly Hall: earthquake loss $650,000
• Cheng Apartments: earthquake loss $375,000
• Over 170 single family dwellings: damage assessments ranging from $12,000 to $500,000
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HURRICANE ANDREW, August 24, 1992, Dade County Brow, County and Miami, Florida; Category 5, 160 mph
(Total hurricane loss $50 billion)
HURRICANE KATRINA, October 1, 2005, New Orleans, Louisiana; Category 5 , 175mph
(Total hurricane loss $84 billion)
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FLANNERY GROUP has provided reports and consultation for the following companies:
• A.I.G. • GAB Associates
• Allegiance Insurance Company
• Frontier Insurance Company
• Allstate Insurance Companies
• Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
• Balboa Insurance Company • Langhammer and Associates, Adjusters
• Chisholm and Associates, Adjusters • Michigan Millers Insurance Company
• Charles Ayres, Independent Adjuster
• Nationwide Insurance Company
• Chubb
• Republic Insurance
• Continental Insurance • Residence Mutual Insurance Company
• CNA Insurance
• Safeco Insurance Company of America
• C S A A Insurance Company
• State Farm Insurance
• Crawford and Company, Adjusters
• Toplis and Harding, Adjusters
• D. L. Glaze, Insurance Adjustors
• Twentieth Century Insurance Company
• Farmer's Insurance Group of Companies
• U.S.A.A.
• Fireman's Fund Insurance Company • U.S.G.
• Hartka, Insurance Adjustors
• A.I.G.
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